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Yo! This is izy, also known as izzyninjajedi from LJ and heroburger from tumblr.

^that intro is for my dreamwidth. Since LJ's got some big drastic changes coming up, I'm making a slow move over to dw. Dreamwidth's a little complicated to understand and is missing some perks, but it's very similar to LJ. Apparently you can also import all your entries and userpics and stuff like that to dw too!

It's really sad to see LJ become something so different, I liked its layout and the way that it worked so well for personal blogs and communities...
usxuk comm's crossposting over to dw as well. Here is their dreamwidth. As for the hetalia dreamwidth, it doesn't seem to be connected to maincomm on LJ. I hope all the other fandom communities will sustain... CAPTALIA especially! ;A;///

I'll be sticking around LJ for awhile until those changes become final. When that day comes, my dear LJ friends, don't let this be the end! Come add me to your "circle" thing, or whatever this odd friends thing is here at dw! My username is heroburger

I really hope everything goes well ;_____;
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Welcome to Dreamwidth! :)